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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where Is The Outrage?

In an interview with the radio station WPLX-AM stationed in Memphis, Tennessee, Charlotte Bergmann who is running for Congress in Tennessee's 9th District on the Republican ticket and who happens to be black was verbally assaulted by a local dj who called her a "Curly haired nigga," "token negro" and accused her of doing the bidding of white folks. After the interview the dj refused to shake her hand, afraid that her whiteness might rub off on him. I find this to be appauling as this is a clear form of racism, that apparently isn't insulting to black leaders. No media outrage, no Al Sharpton condemning his comments, no outrage against this man at all. What is the point of having black groups who are supposed to stand up for black people if the only time they get outraged is if a white commentator jokingly says something about someone having nappy hair? If someone denegrated Obama in such a manner they would be run out of town and rightfully so. I'm sick and tired of everytime someone with a Republican view gets harassed, women groups and black groups refuse to speak up. Yet, they get on tv and say racism and sexism is everywhere but if the racism or sexism isn't pointed towards those with a Democratic view then I guess it isn't racist or sexist. I think this is just another example of these groups posing as a beacon of tolerance on television but refusing to actually protect those that actually need their support. I pity those who help fund these organizations as they are just wasting their money and time in supporting groups who care only for those who support their agenda and lack the moral courage to take a stand when it is for those whom they disagree with.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elite Selecting Nominee

Does anybody else find it strange that forty delegates have been delegated to all of the Republican candidates, yet, Romney has all but secured the nomination?  Two of the smallest states in the United States have cast their ballots and nominated a candidate without the rest of the country even having a say. This is ridiculous that the American populace has such a small say in the nomination process. Maybe, this is why we always get stuck with candidates that nobody wants to vote for. Most Republicans just have to grit their teeth when they go to the voting booth, accepting a nominee that they normally would never support, nor agree with most of the candidates views on important issues. 2012 presidential election will not be any different than 2008 was when Republicans had a closet Democrat as their candidate. Romney does not agree with the conservative ideology but the majority of those who will elect him in November are self-identified conservatives. So that means that those who elect him will disagree with him almost as much as they disagreed with Obama. For once I want to be excited when I vote. I want to believe that the candidate that I vote for understands and identifies with my political philosophy. However, I am conservative and the media, and the nation's elite tell me and all those that believe as I do that our candidate wouldn't appeal to a national audience. Instead, they believe that one who identifies with Independents is the way the party should move. Yet, each election the American people tell them the exact opposite. Independents are people who refuse to stand on core beliefs and instead decide to be the guy in the middle who instead of a yes or no answer, says maybe instead. Is this what we want the Republican party to become? A party of people who don't even know what they stand for. Just don't expect a two term president. Come 2016 Romney will be thrown out of office because he never had a core base to begin with and we will have to endure another Democrat who will be just as far left as Obama was. All because the Republican party decides the majority don't count and the minority should have all the power because of an outdated caucus that shouldn't even still exist and a state that can't even be found on a map of the United States.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hampshire Debate

I know most people didn't watch the latest Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire but in case you did there were a few things that we learned over the course of the debate.
One was that, Romney is vulnerable and when challenged he can be forced into a corner without a way out. Out of all the candidates to challenge him and come out on top, it was Huntsman who ridiculed Romney for Romney's attacks against Huntsman for accepting to be ambassador to China under the Obama administration. Huntsman explained that he accepted the job because it was his duty to serve his country, just as it was his two boys job to serve under a Democratic president while serving in the United States Navy. He made the point that political affiliation is no excuse to refuse service to your country. However, Romney again fired back that because Huntsman had previously praised Obama that, that alone was enough to disqualify him for contension for the nomination. Romney also, seemed agitated when he had to defend an anti-Gingrich ad that told of Gingrich's former views on climate change, his political commercial with Nancy Pelosi and his "right-wing social engineering plan" comment when describing Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan.
Secondly, Gingrich and Paul are not going down without a fight. Throughout the debate they consistently attacked Romney as being nothing more than an average governor, who was elected because he took liberal approaches before and after becoming governor of Massachusetts. Romney remained unable to respond with a suitable answer to their allegations.
As the race is counting down to the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries it appears that all the conservative candidates still have a fighting chance at giving Romney a run for his money. Santorum and Perry both were strong in last night's debate and if Gingrich can't gain traction expect Perry to overcome him in South Carolina. It is anybody's game at this point, whoever can deliver at the debates and soar at the right time has a chance of playing spoiler for Romney. Lets hope that these primaries won't be over after Florida and all of the United States has a chance to nominate a Republican candidate for once.     

Friday, January 6, 2012

California Brainwashing Students

California has now passed a law requiring students as young as kindergarten to be taught about gay and lesbian historical figures. To be fair it's not the fact that it's gay and lesbian figures that they are forcing the kids to learn about that is my problem, it is the fact that they are forcing this upon our little children without consulting the parents first. I am a strict conservative and I have a huge problem with the government telling us who our children should look up to. Not everyone wants their children indoctrinated with ideas that some may deem harmful to a young childs mind. The fact that the government is not taking into consideration peoples ideological or religious views is repulsive. This is America for goodness sakes, what happened to the idea that we can raise our children in peace without the intrusion of the federal government forcing views down our throats. This is going to make more people angry than it is going to help the gay and lesbian cause. So what is the point of children this young learning about homosexuals? Or even heterosexuals for that matter? If they are going to have gay and lesbian figures in text books why do they have to bring the persons sexuality into the fray? Do we have to put in our textbooks that our founding fathers were heterosexual? What is the point of making that the center of attention. Great men and women do great things, incorporating what they did in their bedrooms takes away time that should be used to show why and what they did to further their cause or what they did so beneficial for mankind that we should take time out of our day to know who they are. I am so sick and tired of everytime I turn around somebody in the classroom or on television is telling me what I should think and believe. Why can't children be innocent until they become adults and can make up their minds for themselves. Why does the government feel the need to take on the role of parents instead of allowing the kids parents to make the decision of what is right for their child on their on. Whether you are for gay rights or against it, it really doesn't matter we all need to stand up against government intrusion. Because if we don't we are going to lose our voice in this country no matter what part of the ideological or political spectrum you are on, it won't matter if your gay or staight, the government will eventually silence all of us.    

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gingrich On The Attack

The past few days Newt Gingrich has gone on the offensive against Romney, first it was over ads that Romney and Paul had depicting Gingrich as less than conservative, now Gingrich is calling the former governor the "Massachusetts Moderate," which is a far cry from his former stance in not attacking his fellow Republicans for fear of hurting the party in the national election. When he wasn't the frontrunner he was telling Perry and Romney to cool down on the attacks during the debates before the Iowa caucus, because he felt like it wasn't solving America's problems. Now he suddenly feels the need to attack Romney and his record during every interview. He does make some good points when attacking Romney's record on Romneycare and why Romney felt the need to appoint liberal judges while he was governor of Massachusetts. It appears that Romney didn't change the minds of Massachusetts voters or legislators in his time there. Instead, he just went along with what the liberals wanted with few challenges. This appears to be a flaw in Romney's character, as he seems to be more of a follower than a leader. He can't really defend Romneycare and instead of saying he would completely do away with Obamacare, he instead stated that he would pick and choose what to dispose of and what to keep. This is far from what the other candidates are proposing as every other Republican candidate is vowing to completely abolish the disastrous overhaul of our healthcare system. However, Gingrich has a terrible way of trying to get his point across as he always sounds like he is talking down to people or rather than pointing out important facts he instead, just sounds angry and resentful that people are following a candidate other than him. His message is the message of a true conservative but the way he portrays that message needs to be just as flawless as the message itself.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life After Iowa

Yesterday, was an exciting day for Republicans. It was the beginning of the end of the Obama Administration and the beginning of a wave of enthusiasm of small government, less taxes and more individual freedom for everyone. The winners in Iowa were not just Santorum and Romney but the American people. Romney has taken his first steps in securing the nomination and bringing an end to what appears at least at the moment to be a map shaped in Romney’s favor. The only real test will come in South Carolina and if he can come away with a first place finish there, he will most assuredly be the Republican nominee. With Bachman dropping out of the race, it allows for a last stand for Perry and Gingrich. A strong showing in South Carolina could propel either one back up into the upper echelon of candidates and give them the funds to contend with Romney in later states to at least prolong what appears to be the inevitable. Santorum, at least for the moment is the presumed rival of Romney  but unless conservative groups rally around him, it is hard to see him rivaling Romney for long. Gingrich has the experience, Santorum the vigor and Perry the credentials but none of that will matter unless conservatives choose which candidate they wish to challenge Romney and potentially Obama. Three conservative candidates allow Romney to just sit back and watch the fireworks as each candidate tries to be the anti-Romney and attack his conservative counterparts on who is the true conservative in the race. Whoever, comes out as the anti-Romney let us all remember what we as conservatives are trying to accomplish. The defeat of Obama and the end to this Progressive nightmare     It has been a tumultuous few years for anyone who took the time to look past the hope and change that was supposed to occur with the election of our first African American president. Who knew or cold even fathom  what kind of change was in store for us. I don’t think anybody even the most far right pundits could ever of dreamed at how far President Obama has tried to turn this country into a socialistic utopia. Something that even the most far left leaders in Europe could never of imagined for countries who favor Socialism, much less the United States who since its birth has been a proponent of such harmful ideas as socialism and communism. Yes, I am using the word socialism and not far left or progressive. It is time we call it what it is instead of trying to be politically correct about the term. He has tried to take over our banks, the auto industry, healthcare and now he is even trying to monitor what you put on your Facebook. For the past four years we have heard nothing but rich people are bad and we need to take their money from them so we can distribute it amongst the population so everyone can be just as poor as his neighbor. Because that is what will happen, there is only so much money to go around, if you take money away from those who have businesses that employ workers and make them have the exact same salary as the people they employ, then they can’t afford to hire those workers, the businesses shut down and everyone loses. Except the government who can swoop in and be our own personal Superman with entitlement programs that make everyone subservient to the hand that feeds them. I have no problem with the government helping the least fortunate but when the government is your primary source of income, then your nothing but a slave to it and that can become a dangerous thing that we all should fear. The truth is, Democrats don’t want you to succeed, because if you succeed they can’t tell you what you can put in your body, what you can drive and frankly, what you can think. This is why Fox News has been such a thorn in their side for so long because it strays from their conventional thoughts and they are fearful once the people open their eyes to what is going on around them. Their fear is reasonable as it is true, the people will vote them out of office and replace them with people who believe in individual freedoms. That is why they resort to racial politics or class warfare to keep people from speaking the truth for fear of being ridiculed or deemed a racist or a bigot by the media. Finally, people are seeing through this charade and coming to the conclusion that free speech is not something to be smothered but instead is something that should be cherished and preserved at all costs. No matter what the Hollywood stars tell us or the pundits on MSNBC deem us to be, the Tea Party has proven that real change not the phony kind that we were promised by Obama is coming whether the left likes it or not.     

Monday, January 2, 2012

National Defense Authorization Act

Today President Obama signed the National Defense Authroization Act,(NDAA) which allows for indefinite detension without requiring a charge or a trial to detain terrorists. CAIR, ACLU and other human rights groups have shown their displeasure that a president who campaigned against the Bush Administration's detainment of terrorists without justified reasons is now signing on to a bill that goes against the very thing he chastised the previous administration for doing. I commend President Obama for allowing this piece of legislation to go through, because without it I feel this country could allow known terrorists to walk free and commit acts of terrorism on innocent civilians. Now, people who threaten the United States and our allies can be detained without such organizations like the ACLU, standing in the government's way in keeping these harmful people off the streets and in a cell where they belong. This also, puts a stain on President Obama's record when it comes to his party's primary voters which are mostly against treating terrorists in an inhumane way. He will have quite a fight on his hand coming from Democratic opposition that will see this as damaging legislation to his reelection campaign. I applaud his courage for signing a bill that goes against his party's beliefs, especially in an election year. However, after his war that isn't a war in Libya, his lack of support for Israel against Palestinian agresssion and his absolute denial that we have a problem at our southern border, I will hold off on praising him too much. Because this bill is just one good thing in an array of bad decisions that have put our soldiers and the American people in harms way. His lack of leadership and his inability to make decisions consistently have hurt him with the American populace in general; now it is hurting him with even his most ardent supporters.